184 km und 4300 Höhenmeter erwarten dich auf dem Devils Trail. Du kannst starten, wo du möchtest, denn es ist eine Runde!

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Von der Schalke zur Hanskühnenburg
Von der Hanskühnenburg zum Großen Knollen
Vom Großen Knollen zum Stöberhai
Vom Stöberhai zum Matthias-Schmidt-Berg
Vom Matthias-Schmidt-Berg zum Wurmberg
Vom Wurmberg zum Gelben Brink
Vom Gelben Brink zum Jungborn
Vom Jungborn zur Schalke

Quite exhausting

The Devils Trail takes you through all its altitudes and landscapes, through light deciduous forests, dark coniferous forests and up to eight high Harz peaks - with a short detour to the Brocken there are even nine.
You will pass dams that supply northern Germany with drinking water and protect against flooding, cross the Green Belt that divided the Harz Mountains and all of Germany until 1989. On the Clausthal plateau you will find fragrant mountain meadows and many stone-lined ditches and historic ponds, in Goslar 1000 years of industrial history - together they are the World Heritage Site of Rammelsberg, Goslar's old town and the Upper Harz water management system.
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184 km and 4300 meters of altitude await you on the Devils Trail.
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